November Glutes of Steel Challenge – Squats Video

Hey Body Positive Fitness Fans, I hope you’re enjoying our November Glutes of Steel Challenge so far. Here’s a video highlighting the squats we’ll be doing throughout the month. It has narration, so do turn your sound up if you’d like to hear it. Let’s do it!!

December Squat Challenge

Welcome to the December Squat Challenge! Squats challenge the entire lower body by working the muscles around the hip, knee, and ankle joints. They make us aware of our core and posture by aligning the spine. And they fire up our body’s largest metabolic engines – the quads and glutes. First, a few tips. If …

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COVID-19 Studio Update

Hi Everyone, It’s a time of concern for all of us to stay healthy in the current situation, and that includes being able to continue exercising and maintain an outlet for stress. Both of those are known to be good for our immune systems. I want to assure all of you that I am doing …

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