About Body Positive

Ingrid Wentzel

I specialize in helping women build strength, confidence, and body positivity.

Body positivity encompasses feeling good IN our bodies to feel better ABOUT our bodies.

It means focusing on what’s inside: being strong, doing things we didn’t think we could, showing up for ourselves, and putting in the effort.

“Marie testimonial”

Hi, I’m Ingrid Wentzel. As a personal trainer, health coach and Masters level Health Educator, I train with people who want to be healthier and fitter, and have some fun doing it.

Body Positive fitness studio opened in 2015, but I’ve been a personal trainer since 1998, specializing in women, adult and senior fitness. The evidence is powerful that creating and maintaining strength is the single most important element to active, functional fitness and healthy aging. That’s why we target functional fitness as the the primary focus of training.

Functional, balanced fitness supports and enhances your daily and recreational activities and is customized to your individual concerns.

I love the gym and the outdoors both. Fitness comes in many packages. If we can move, have fun and do what we want as long as we want, what more is there to say?