Feet First

We rely on our feet to get us around, support us in exercise & provide critical feedback on our balance & stability. Yet we tend to neglect our most important foundations–until they give us trouble.  The moves below also help with tight arches or ankles, which can lead to stress and strain in the knee …

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A Perfect Plank in 4 Steps

There are good planks, and there are great planks. Finding out which is which is the difference between really using your core muscles and just hanging out. The before and after photos above illustrate this point. On the left, my client has engaged her upper back and shoulders to raise herself off the floor. There …

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Change Takes Guts

What does it take to get fit, be healthy, and lose weight? It takes a plan, strategies to overcome excuses, support, information, and a vision. Most of all, though, it takes courage. Let’s face it, deciding to chart a new life course that includes exercise, eating more healthful food or facing down bad habits has …

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Hi, I’m Ingrid Wentzel

Everybody wants to be well. We yearn to be in control and feel better. We want more energy, but we don’t always know where to start. As a health educator, personal trainer and weight management coach, I can help.  From basic exercise education to post rehabilitation we’ll build something together.