Body Positive Spring Challenge: May 14 – June 30, 2016

The Body Positive Spring Challenge Starts Saturday, May 14th.  Your fitness level is NOT important, just your readiness to give it your best! Get stronger, better and faster on 8 measures over 7 weeks.

Measures are:

  1. 1 mile walk/run event
  2. Pushups in one minute (pushup option will be determined at your baseline test)
  3. Medicine ball slams in one minute
  4. Rope waves (maximum time)
  5. Bicycle crunch (maximum number)
  6. Shoulder flexibility (behind the back reach)
  7. Water intake (track and improve starting week 1)
  8. Veggie intake (track and improve starting week 1)

The one mile event will be scheduled depending on sign ups. On Sat., 5/14 (or possibly earlier), we’ll get a baseline for the other items. Over the next seven weeks we work on those and also track and improve water and veggie intake.

The price to participate is only $30 and includes baseline and final measures, one free class (two if you are new to Body Positive), resources and support for your success and prizes in all categories plus an overall champion.

Contact me to register and for more information.