Change Takes Guts

What does it take to get fit, be healthy, and lose weight? It takes a plan, strategies to overcome excuses, support, information, and a vision. Most of all, though, it takes courage. Let’s face it, deciding to chart a new life course that includes exercise, eating more healthful food or facing down bad habits has a common thread – all these behaviors require change on a personal level. It takes courage to step out of our comfort zone, to step into that gym or class for the first time. Facing the objections or even criticism of others, changing a habit (sometimes saying “no, thanks” to lunch) – it all takes guts.

I think we fall in love with the idea of change, but when it comes time to put our plan into action, we resist. We may set goals and create visions of our potential new selves, but then we resist doing the very things that will launch our journey. Why? There could be many things running under the surface that hold us back and it will take courage to uncover those roadblocks. If you’re like many people, finding the courage to start can be hard. Good news: researchers say you can develop courage by practice.

Here’s a challenge: identify one thing you’ve been avoiding (yucky chores don’t count!) and commit to one small action step. Success builds on success and every small step towards what we want brings us closer to that courageous, fulfilled person we envision.

Meanwhile, to help you get started on a healthier eating plan, I’ve included a link to a delicious smoothie recipe I guarantee you’ll enjoy! Recipe courtesy of Whole Foods Market at I suggest using unsweetened almond milk and adding protein powder if you want a protein boost. About 220 calories per serving.