Body Positive Abq Schedule & COVID Update

Hey Everyone! Here’s the November 2021 update on the studio.

Body Positive Studio is still here, providing the same individualized, fun and functional exercise options as ever. I didn’t promise I got any better at selfies.

I have great Zoom workouts and single or double in person personal training, as long as we are allowed to continue doing those.

I can create individualized small group classes in person (masked) on demand. Just contact me.

The Zoom schedule follows. I just want you all to know that I take nothing for granted, especially not your and my health and safety, so I am following our state’s health orders. That means, most importantly, masks while together in the studio, lots of hand washing, cleaning between individual clients, and deep cleaning the studio regularly.

Zooming has it’s upsides – you’re at home, you can barely be seen, and these classes are true to the Body Positive principles of variety, challenge, and modifications when needed.

Here’s the deal – if you’re interested in any of these, message me and we’ll work out the details: 917-9913,

Mon & Weds 5:45-6:30 pm – Various Strength Circuits using free weights in a brisk format. An optional 15 minute stretch rounds out the circuit.


Sat 9:30-10:15am Core Combo – Body weight with a 80/20 emphasis on core training with other modes.


Classes are 45 minutes long, and $15 each. I can take payment via Paypal, Venmo, checks, Square.

Meanwhile, peace and love everyone, and be well.