COVID-19 Studio Update

Hi Everyone,
It’s a time of concern for all of us to stay healthy in the current situation, and that includes being able to continue exercising and maintain an outlet for stress. Both of those are known to be good for our immune systems. I want to assure all of you that I am doing all I can to keep a healthy environment at the studio.
As you probably are aware, the chief method of virus transmission is person to person. I ask that everyone stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms or think you may have been exposed to the virus. I will certainly do the same which could necessitate a last minute class cancel.
Meanwhile, I’m sanitizing all surfaces and equipment before and after classes and generally acting in accordance with current CDC guidelines.
Some of you have already opted out of class for a bit. I will leave that decision to you for now, but I will extend any class package expirations as needed (this doesn’t apply to monthly).
FYI, I have suspended UNM Continuing Ed classes for 3 weeks, in keeping with the latest University actions.