Weight Management

You know diets “work” to help you lose weight. You may even have been on a few yourself. But for lasting weight loss, it’s important to look at the big picture. No doubt you have realized there are many aspects to the issue; they will vary for each person. From knowing the basics – essential nutrition and portion control– through developing healthy habits to support long term weight management, there’s a lot in between.

Where to begin, and what to focus on? Asking ourselves a lot of questions can start the process of discovering individual contributors to weight gain, whether they are emotional eating, or related to mindfulness , environmental support and control , self esteem/self image or combinations of these.

Weight Management with me at Fitness First consists of information, support and accountability and a concrete plan. Every program is customized and based on the Health Coaching plan (see Health Coaching). The content will differ based on your needs and goals. Call or email for a free consultation.

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