“Trust – Patience – Knowledge …….. these are the words that describe my experience with Ingrid as my weight management coach, my lifestyle and wellness coach and my personal trainer. I retired after 23 years and found myself in need of losing weight, getting my health in check and getting physically fit. Although, I was happy with my retirement, I was at a loss without my daily work structure. I was totally overwhelmed and then I met Ingrid. Through her knowledge of nutrition, my eating habits have changed dramatically and I feel so much better. As my lifestyle and wellness coach, Ingrid has helped me get some needed structure in my day. We discuss my short term and long terms goals and how important it is to be consistent and focused to meet these goals. When I starting my personal training with Ingrid, I was very apprehensive. I learned very quickly to trust Ingrid. We discussed things that I was anxious about and through her patience, I am getting stronger and more fit with each workout I do with her. I think the most important thing that I have learned from Ingrid is Patience – nothing happens overnight but consistency is the key! Ingrid has been invaluable to me and my health and well being. Thank you Ingrid.”  Sue S. 12/26/13


“Ingrid is great! She is personable and knowledgeable. I am a “senior” and concerned that I might not be taken seriously by a personal trainer. This was absolutely not the case. I felt encouraged to continue with my goals for health and wellness as I age. “– Susan G, Sept 2012


“I recently went on a 9 day cycling trip. Although I have cycled in the past I had not been on a bicycle in over 4 years. Ingrid helped me train for my trip. She collaborated with me to make goals based on my needs for the trip. She helped me with endurance, strength, cycling techniques and safety tips. I was totally prepared for the and had a wonderful time! I will go to Ingrid again to help with ongoing physical fitness and I would highly recommend her to anyone else wanting to lead a healthy, active life” Leslie A, Oct 2012


“I started with Ingrid 5 years ago, right before I had Gastric By Pass surgery. When we first met, I was only able to walk about 5 mins on a treadmill with oxygen. Now, with her help, endless encouragement, coaching and training I just completed a 10K walk – that’s SIX miles. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could do this. At age 61, I have a healthy outlook – 100 lbs. less of me – and an active lifestyle!! Thank you Ingrid for showing me the possible!!!!”
Marie B, Oct 2012


“I learned of Ingrid through the bariatric support group I was attending. I started working with Ingrid in Oct 2011, 5 weeks before my gastric bypass surgery. At the time, I weighed 290 lbs., and was on 2 Liters of oxygen. I had no energy and barely made it through my work day to go home and lay on the couch. I was able to lose the pre weight I needed to lose before surgery. Two months after surgery I was able to start working out again. I slowly regain strength and stamina, and on Sept 10 2012 I was able to get off the oxygen.
To celebrate the new me and my 50th birthday, I went to NY for 9 days the beginning of Oct 2012. I was able to walk all over Manhattan; logging 22 miles in one day. On Oct 26, 2012 I walked a 10K with a group of great people, having the best time. I have lost a total of 110 lbs. to date. I have so much energy now! I’m grateful for the support and direction I have received from Ingrid.
Ingrid is the best! She truly works with you at your level, gently pushing you to do more to reach your true potential! I honestly don’t think I would be where I am, had I not found Ingrid.”
I love life again!
Dawn, Nov 2012


“Ingrid is my conscience! Without my twice-a-week appointment, I’d never maintain consistency on the much-needed stretching and weight-training I’m convinced keeps me more limber, strong, and ingury-free. My goals since I started with Ingrid have been to support my running habit, as well as maintain general health and bone fitness. So, Ingrid has helped me focus on the basics like hydration and recovery fuels that are just as important to my running as the running workouts. And she makes sure that the weight workouts complement my running needs, altering the workouts to support my running events. In addition, she’s very keen on listening to the body — and adjusting the workouts to accommodate any little pains or other ‘glitches’ I may have. That way, I’ve been able to continue to improve my fitness, and to reach my running goals without injury! I couldn’t have done it without her! Her knowledge and support has been superior.” Lynn D, Nov 2012


“I met Ingrid as part of my team that is teaching me to be a better weight manager. I was drawn to her clear and positive messages of hope and explanation. She has been a valuable nutrition, activity and lifestyle change catalyst in my life. Her passion for the value that an active lifestyle can bring to those with chronic illness drew me closer to her. We visited about how increasing my activity would impact the despair of obesity, fatigue, depression, and multiple serious chronic medical conditions. Her understanding, kindness lack of judgement, lack of pressure has tied me to her tightly. I work with Ingrid now not only as a weight management coach, but more often as a personal trainer. She drills into my information to find my physical issues (fused spine, severed abdominal muscles from back surgery, hypertension, etc). She is carefully building my strength in the most methodical and effective ways. She understands where the ‘foundations’ are and she is working to make them strong so that I can add more recognizable activities in the future. She amazes me with her abilities to ‘get into my mind’. I have unfounded fears about walking fast, exercising in public (due to hypoglycemia), and picking up heavy things (you know, man’s work). Almost without my knowing it, she wipes the unfounded beliefs out of my mind, and makes me feel safe doing things I never imagined that I would do. Ingrid you are changing my life. Thank you!“ Jonny S, Nov 2012